Exterior Decorating: Not ready for Conde Nast

The renowned publisher Conde Nast has 22 brands, last I checked. Four readily come to mind: Vogue; GQ; Conde Nast Traveler and Vanity Fair. In the context of this post, those 4 magazines have been founts of creative thinking for my marketing side, editorially and commercially.

So, I took creative license to offer an ambiance of levity, a lack of seriousness if you will, because I wanted to share a distraction far from the banal and divisive intrusions that dilute attributes of hope, faith, tolerance, civility and last but not least—love.

Big Picture

This requires a short preface. Currently underway is a long-standing project to repair the viaduct that transports drivers north and south on I-91. It requires the replacement of span supports, expansion joints, drains, electrical conduit and more. A lot more. These first 2 images were taken with a telephoto lens, a 300mm, and it brings one closer to a detail or two, in this case a glimpse of workers, the newly placed steel beams, etc.

The next 2 images offer the same perspective but with a 50mm lens, which represents one’s normal field-of-vision.

Yes, it’s important to appreciate the finer details of many things, but sometimes seeing the big picture can add immeasurably to our understanding of what needs to get done.