Winter [indoors]

In winter, afternoon light can be very strong, very intense. From 13:00 to 15:30, I chase light and though I love winter, there are just some days when I sense a foolhardy notion to get outside. However, on those days, the sensible part of me says to chase the light indoors.


“It’s Hip to be Square”

With respect to Huey Lewis and the News for their song of the same title—and to rebels, romantics and nonconformists of my generation—photographers have long known of the practical beauty of a square image. It’s symmetrical and requires no effort to turn a camera to a vertical position, then back again to horizontal.

The square is neither in landscape nor portrait mode. It just is.

Decompression Area

The flexibility to stand or sit at my desk is very helpful to me, but there are days, moments, concerns et al, when I need to remind myself that, “If it doesn’t add to the quality of my life—or someone else’s—then jettison it.”

Obsolete Film, Interesting Images

15 PTown Summer-2

It doesn’t take a whole lot to keep me entertained. While on vacation I took some photos using outdated medium format film [120 Fuji NPH 400 color negative].

15 PTown Summer-2-3

It is true that using film cameras can slow you down, but that’s not a bad thing if you want to slow things down a bit.¬†Shooting medium format film—to me anyway—can be relaxing. I have to think, be immersed if you will, because everything is manually and mechanically accomplished: shutter speed, aperture, exposure, film advance, loading/unloading and so forth.

15 PTown Summer-2-2

Call it nostalgia, but I get a lot of pleasure controlling my cameras versus having cameras control everything right up to when the shutter is pressed.

15 PTown Summer-2-5